Why Get Trained?

Why get trained?  Let Coy Webb, former Kentucky Baptist Convention State Director of Disaster Relief, give you several reasons why it is important to be trained if you want to respond in a positive and effective way in times of disaster…

Basic Training Requirements

Listed here are the steps necessary to help prepare you to be a part of this exciting ministry.

Step 1

Complete the Volunteer Packet of forms and return to MWBC to be kept on file.

Step 2

Attend the DR 101 training. This is an in-person one time orientation.

Step 3

Specific Team Training

a. Each team requires classroom training.

b. Some teams require “hands-on” training to learn special equipment unique to that team.

c. Some teams require additional training such as OSFA (Operational Stress First Aid) or other training…

Step 4

Background Check

a. Completed

b. Reviewed

c. Accepted

Step 5

There is a cost for new volunteers. This fee will pay for and provide you with the following:

Background Check

ID Badge/Credentials

Spiritual preparation book

Note: A new background check and updated badge are required every three years.

Training Calendar


Use the links below to make sure you are certified for Disaster Relief. All volunteers must be certified to participate in Disaster Relief Ministries. Recertification is required every 3 years.